Robotics 4 Kids Academy was formed to give kids the opportunity to create something that can change the world through robotics & coding. Learning to build robots and code teaches you how to solve problems and work together in creative ways and it helps you build apps that bring your ideas to life.


Our Workshops

During the workshop, children learn to code virtual 3D robots. We think that the trainer matters the most. Therefore, we work with experienced robotics engineers and software developers from our sister company(Global Robotics) including education professionals from around the country.


  • Entry workshop, Ages 7- 12

  • Advanced Workshop,Ages 13 -16


It's important for children to learn how to think outside the box and be resilient, as these skills help them overcome problems and build confidence


There is few ways to help get your child interested in robotics.Start them early. No matter how young your child is, you'll find that their toys encourage creativity and imagination

Events & Workshops

Robotics 4 kids | June 13,2020 


We know that robots will be integrated into our daily lives; whether in hospitals, factories or the agricultural industry. But aren't we already surrounded by them? What makes the washing machine go round, or the Robot change direction when it's facing a wall? In “Robotics for kids” workshops, your children will learn about the internal logic of robots – the code that makes them work using virtual 3D robots


Inspiring creativity and problem-solving capabilities via task-based teaching method

Our method of training allows trainees to program and build block kit which allows them to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction

Innovative Teaching Method

CEO & Founder

Global Robotics Limited