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Robotics 4 Kids has built systematic educational solutions which focus on STEAM and AI robotic education running from preschool through to college. Each solution includes a comprehensive curriculum, teaching tools, teacher training, competitions and AI space design, which can truly benefit both educators and learners, as well as inspire and cultivate AI talents for the forthcoming intelligent era.

Why Robotics 4 Kids?
In the fourth industrial revolution, AI mindset and computer science skills are needed more than ever. AI talents will inevitably become the foundation of a country’s AI development and the core power source behind competitions among countries. And now is the time to inspire them through our Robotics 4 Kids workshops & AI robots.
Robotics 4 Kids Workshops 
We know that robots will be integrated into our daily lives;In our workshops, your children will learn about the internal logic of robots – the code that makes them work using virtual 3D robots
AI Robotic Curriculum's
Basic Curriculum: Acquire the fundamental knowledge of artificial intelligence and robotics.
Standard Curriculum:Systematic and progressive studies of artificial intelligence and robotics
Extended Curriculum:Multidisciplinary PBL (Project-Based Learning) courses and customized projects designed for subjects in various fields
AI Robots
AI robots is the best carrier of AI technologies. Our robots can serve as a teaching assistant, student’s learning companion as well as an essential teaching tool to make AI robotic curriculum work in the classroom

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