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Robotics 4 Kids Academy provides a safe and advanced learning environment for kids between 7 and 16 for them to acquire necessary skills in robotics, electronics and programming, thereby preparing them for the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)


NEO Kit Workshop


NEO Kit workshop is a gathering of kids who are interested in learning about and working with robots.They learn to build and code robots using our NEO Education Kit


They will also take part in robotics competitions where teams of kids must design, build and code a robot that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges. Winners from each province will compete at the annual Global Robotics Festival in Gauteng


Who should attend?


Neo Kit workshop is for kids interested in modern electronics and building awesome robotics projects. We assume that your child have no prior electronics or programming knowledge at all. All your child need is an interest in robotics!


As former educators and parents of children in robotics programs, we wanted to design a workshop adaptable to various age groups, robotics challenges, and learning levels. At Robotics 4 Kids we believe that robotics is THE best way to inspire a new generation of real-world problem solvers armed with the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and critical life skills they’ll need to thrive in the 21st century. Our founders have designed a robotics workshop adaptable to various age groups, engineering challenges, and learning levels.


When & where is it?


Saturday,14th August 2021(7-16yrs) In City Lodge Hotel Sandton, Katherine Street,Johannesburg

The course will run from 09H00 – 15H00



Kit: – The Neo Kit and Software is not included in the course fee.
The kit remains the property of Robotics 4 Kids Academy.


Class room size:


We normally train a maximum of 50 kids  but due to COVID19 restrictions we have reduced the number to 20 kids per workshop




Refreshments will be provided


NEO Kit Workshop(7-16 yrs)

  • I / We agree that although this Authority and Mandate may be cancelled by me / us, such cancellation will not cancel the Agreement and I / We shall not be entitled to any refund.


    Should you with to postpone and attend the workshop,you will be given the opportunity to attend the workshop on the next available date.

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