Your Intelligent Companion robot is here, ready to befriend, entertain, teach, and communicate in a wide variety of scenarios. Alpha Mini is highly portable, bringing fun interactions and a wealth of expressions and functionality, including voice interaction, 4G LTE connectivity, face recognition, illustrated book recognition, and object recognition. Fourteen servo motors power a variety of flexible movements, such as dancing, kung fu, and getting up after a fall, while the adorable LCD eyes can show emotion and expressions – making Alpha Mini feel like a true part of the family.


Alpha Mini

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R14 908,00Price
    • HD Camera: 13MP, auto focus
    • Dual IPS LCD: Colorful, wide angle LCD screens
    • TOF IR Sensor: Detect obstacles and distance
    • Directional Sensors: Gyroscope, accelerometer & GPS
    • Servo Movement Technology14 Micro Servos ensure smooth mobility
    • Body Material High quality ABS material

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